Friday, July 2, 2010

Why You Must Discover What You Are

“We are more than what we do... much more than what we accomplish...far more than what we possess" William Arthur

Many people are in vocations they hate talking about. They do the job because there are no alternatives. They would quickly quit if they are presented with what they love to do. These people are rut in this challenge because they are not doing what they are naturally created for.

They may have opted for such vocation because of economic crunch, anticipated benefits, family and peer pressure or environmental factors.
Avoiding this vocational pain makes it necessary to discover yourself and what interests you. Realizing your life purpose is about creating, bit by bit, life circumstances that are absolutely suited to who you are, likes and dislikes, natural talents, and much more. I bet you when you discover your talent or life purpose, you will experience these powerful, sustainable and life transforming feelings.

A discovery of self and your abilities would help you recognize the quantum of responsibilities God has laid upon you on this earth to execute. It should transform your boredom to passion, emptiness to fulfilment, aimlessness to focus and determination, and failure to success. That’s why Willie Hill said, “Once you do something you love, you never have to work again.” But many of us don’t believe this because we see our present circumstances and conditions as brick wall we can’t break through and so must stuck in it forever.

This was my problem as well. I thought that if I take up what I enjoy doing, I would pack up but I never did. It took me two years after discovery of my life purpose to actually make up my mind to pursue that which I derive much joy and satisfaction doing. This is because we see things not as they are, but as we are according to H.M. Tomlinson.

So, the fundamental challenges in self discovery are to know what your life purpose is, taking the decision to go for it and actually going for it. Remember that it’s never too late to be what you might have been says George Elliot.

The Discovery of Your Life Purpose creates Direction in Your Life

The Master Producer has given a script to every individual on earth. This script is to be acted upon. Therefore, once this purpose is identified, it gives significance and direction to your life because you will begin to live the purposeful life. You will stop existing and start living. You will move from the state of haphazardness to the state of orderliness.

Many lives on earth have no direction. They are lived without focus. Many people are like this young man. They want to discover themselves, but they don’t know how. They feel unfulfilled with no idea how to help themselves.

When you discover yourself, you don’t feel like a failure anymore. I felt that way few years back. I just existed. The general opinion and trend is to get education, get married, get as much money and possessions as possible for self and fade away. That’s the routine.

Almost everyone follows this pattern but it is the worst approach. It is self-cantered and inherently hollow. At a time you will ask yourself, “Is it all to life?” “Is this the meaning of life?” “Is it all God created man and placed him on this terrestrial ball to achieve?”

In addition, you’ll ask yourself, “If I get educated, tie the knot, and acquire possessions of this earth, what next? I was convinced the day I discovered my physical and spiritual life purpose that life has a deeper meaning than self and material possessions. This discovery would create a route upon which to accomplish what you have been placed on earth to achieve for the benefit of the world, yourself, family and ministry.

Your life purpose is the map of your life. The fulfilment of each aspect of it takes you to the destination of such purpose. You cannot get to an unknown destination without a direction. The reason of your life defines your destination, the paths to it, how to get there, possible challenges and the alternative routes.

Discovering Your Genius Gives Your Creator the glory

It is interesting to know that all things including you were made by God, through Christ and for God to give Him glory.
Therefore, the noblest achievement you can accomplish with your life on earth is to reposition it to live for God’s glory. When anything in creation fulfils its purpose, it brings glory to God says Rick Warren.

Your talents and skills are not for selfish reasons. God has created all things for a purpose and once that purpose is fulfilled, His Will is accomplished. The sun, stars, moon, firmament, mountains, valleys, land and sea, have their purpose in creation and we see them fulfil such purpose daily in our world. Man can’t be an exception. You should be excited and resolute to identify and accomplish your life purpose because God is interested in it. You make Him smile when you impact humanity with the abilities, skills and talents, He has given you.

Jesus honoured the Father by fulfilling His purpose on earth. It preoccupied His mind throughout His days in this world. He defended, preached and died for it. He made unspeakable sacrifices for its accomplishment. He was determined to fulfil the reason of His existence in our world. God glorified Him for making Him proud.
It’s your turn to discover yourself and watch the Creator make you great among men.

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