Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Discover Your Temperament as a Sanguine

Temperament is your makeup, outlook, personality, character and nature. It provides each human being with the distinguishing qualities revealed as strengths and weaknesses.
Understanding your nature makes you productive, a better disciplined person and be in charge of your life.
It helps you know your strengths and resolve to improve on them while working on your weaknesses.

There are basically four types of temperaments namely the sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic. It is good to know that there is no best temperament as each has its strengths.
Temperament is part of both genders. So, the use of the pronoun “He” applies to man and woman.
Basically, each individual has a combination of two temperaments usually referred to as the primary and secondary temperament respectively. One could be a Sanguine-Choleric (San-Chlor); Sanguine-Melancholy (San-Mel); Choleric-Sanguine (Chlor-San); Phlegmatic-Sanguine (Phlegm-San); Melancholy-Choleric (Mel-Chlor) etc

The degree of combination determines which one is primary and secondary. For instance, if one is a 60% Sanguine and 40% Choleric, the Sanguine temperament is the primary temperament while the secondary temperament is Choleric.

Character Traits of the Sanguine (the San)

The Sanguine is a fun loving, cheerful, warm and lively person. He is a super extrovert and his feelings rather than reflective thoughts predominates his decision. The sanguine is a people-oriented person, very friendly, likable and loves company.
He avoids pressure and solitude with boisterous mood. He has the power to easily swing mood from joyful to tears and vice versa.

The Sanguine is disorganized and not disciplined. He could easily tell lies or be dishonest to avoid pressure or being flogged if a child.
The San is a voracious eater and often looks it.

Career Opportunities for the Sanguine

The Sanguine makes excellent sales person, actor, and entertainer, master of ceremony, auctioneer, and teachers.

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