Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Discover Your Temperament as a Phlegmatic

The Phlegm is one of the temperaments. The general behaviour of the individual has much to do with the temperament including the love life, eating habits, driving pattern, yard keeping etc.

Character Traits of the Phlegmatic

One great attributes of the phlegmatic is that he never seems to get ruffled no matter what they circumstance.
Although he has a very high boiling point but seldom explodes in anger or laughter but keeps his emotion under control.

The Phlegm is kind-hearted, gentle, sympathetic, well-organized, consistent in mood, feels much emotion that appears on the surface.
He has the capacity to appreciate the natural and finer things of life.
Although he has a dry sense of humour, he enjoys friends and companionship but not comfortable with the gloomy mood of the Mel.
He possesses a strong retentive mind with exceptional record keeping skills.

The major weakness of the Phlegm is his procrastination over all things. He is naturally, a slow person and this shows in all areas of his life-eating habits, driving, love life, etc.
He needs to be aroused constantly before he proves his capabilities and competence in any activity, venture or obligation.
He is a reluctant leader who needs leadership to be entrusted upon him than through personal volunteer.
The Phlegm wait their lives away as they reluctantly miss great opportunities when they present themselves.
He is diplomatic and an almost timid personality.

Career Opportunities for the Phlegmatic

The Phlegm love education and learning and do well in the education sector as school administrators, librarians, counselors, college department heads. They do well in subjects as mathematics, physics, grammar, literature, and languages.
The Phlegm is drawn to planning and calculation, thus do well in the Engineering vocation as structural, civil, chemical, and mechanical engineering.
They also do well as statisticians, craftsmen, sanitation experts, electrician, glassblowers, watch and camera repairers, excellent foremen, supervisors and managers.

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