Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Discover Your Temperature as a Choleric

When you know your temperament, you will be able to understand the temperament of others and relate well with them including your spouse, children, friends, colleagues and business associates.

Character Traits of the Choleric (the Chlor)

The Choleric is a quick, active, practical, hot-tempered, strong-willed and hard-to-please person.
He is an independent, self-sufficient individual with dogged determination to succeed where others fail. He is a speed demon which reflects in every other thing he does in life.
He creates and rules over pressure by transferring it easily to others; a great planner, quick in decision making.
His weaknesses include being opinionated which makes him not to easily accept the advice of others.
He is unsympathetic because he has a hard emotion; domineering, willful and bossy. He likes ruling others.

Career Opportunities for the Choleric

Going by the character traits of the Choleric, he makes a great leader, supervisor, director, motivators, military personnel, and teachers.
It is exciting to know that majority of the World’s political and religious tyrants and military junta were Cholerics.
They generally do well in activities and professions involving strong leadership skills.
Some of the ancient examples include Paul, the apostles, Pharaoh of Egypt and Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

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