Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Discover Your Temperament as a Melancholy

When you understand ones temperament, it helps you avoid crisis in relationships and unnecessary struggles and bickering because you’ve understudied their nature and know the strengths and weak spots.
Another type of temperament is the Melancholy.

Character Traits of the Melancholy (the Mel)

The Mel is assumed to be the richest of all the temperaments for some super qualities he possesses.
He is analytical, self-sacrificing, gifted and loving. The Mel is highly emotional, an introvert with variety of moods and very reserved living in his secluded world.
He doesn’t push himself forward as a friend unlike the San. He gives profound love and expects same in return.
He is a faithful friend, spouse with a natural patience.
The Mel has a natural aptitude for growing things, thus keeps his yard in a very neat and tidy state, and maintains his lawns and hedges.
He is a very careful driver keeping a complete log of his driving history and could go with a car for many years without a scratch.
The Mel is a selective eater and takes time to make up his mind on what to order in a restaurant, but once the food arrives, he savours every bite happily.
The Mel is natural blessed with a high intellectual Quotient (I.Q), creativity and imaginative power. He is highly organized.

The weaknesses of the Mel include inability to forgive easily one who has offended him. He keeps journal of all wrongs done him and could nurse malice and retaliatory spirit against the offender. He could make references to evil done him years ago.
Although the Mel is endowed with the ability to plan projects and activities, he is prone to paralysis analysis in which he loses time while trying to be perfect in every step of the way.

Career Opportunities of the Mel

Most of the world’s great composers, musicians, inventors, philosophers, scientists, researchers, artists, educators, theoreticians, perform artist, choral conductor, soloist, craftsmen such as carpenters, brick layers, plumbers, plasterers, horticulturists, mechanics, engineers, health workers, volunteer workers and every profession that provides meaningful service to humanity.

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